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Please use these tutorials to make gorgeous everyday items for your friends and family. Don't forget to share your finished creations over on our facebook page or by tagging us and using #colettemoscroptextiles on Instagram or twitter.


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Advent Bunting Tutorial

By colette, Oct 23 2017 08:24PM

You will need:

1.25m – 1.5m co-ordinating red fabric (see point 8 below)

Scissors / rotary cutter and mat / quilt ruler


Fabric marker – tailor’s chalk / fabric pencil, and tape measure if using scissors


cut along the red grid of your advent panel to give you 25 individual number squares.

cut 25 squares of red fabric measuring 9.5 cm x 9.5cm

cut 50 rectangles of red fabric measuring 9.5cm x 14cm

cut 4cm x length(s) you require for your bunting. (see point 8 below)

If you want to decorate your number panels, do so before stitching up your bunting pockets, be sure to leave at least 1cm clear of the edges for seam allowance.

1 – right sides together, join a red square and a number square, stitching across the top edge with a 5mm seam allowance.

2 – from the wrong side, press the seam allowance towards the red fabric, then fold back the red and press to the back of the number square. This will create the front of your pocket.

3 – take two red rectangles and the number square you just stitched, make a sandwich, with the number square in the middle, positioned at the bottom, so you have raw edges together.

4 – sew around 3 of the edges with a 5mm seam allowance, ensure all of the layers are caught in your seam allowance, leave the top edge open to turn through

5 – snip the corners of one of the rectangles off to reduce the bulk, be careful not to snip too close to your stitches!

6 – turn through, with your number square facing outwards. Neaten your corners and press your pocket.

7 – repeat for the rest of the pockets, it will be quicker if you chain stitch / work on one section at a time.

8 – depending on the length(s) of bunting you want to produce, decide how close / far apart you'd like your pockets to be. On my example a have a 5cm gap between pockets and used a 125cm strip for 5 numbers which allowed enough at either end to tie up the bunting, the amount of solid fabric you need to buy is based on this example (1.25m red fabric) if you want longer ties please buy more fabric.

9 – once you have decided on your length(s), fold your 4 cm strip in half length ways and press, open and then press the two raw edges to the centre of your strip.

10 – Now add your pockets to the strip, in numerical order or not – your choice! Stitch your strip closed, allow around 25cm before your first bunting pocket is inserted, tuck your pocket right up to the centre fold of your strip, pin to hold and then secure in place by stitching along the edge of your strip. Leave a gap of your choice (I left 5cm) before securing your next pocket. Continue until your length(s) are completed.

Once you have all your pockets completed, hang your advent bunting and you're ready to fill them with challenges / treats and get ready for the festive season!

Enjoy making this, but most of all enjoy bringing this out with your family each year and creating new memories.

If you'd like to share your projects on social media use #colettemoscroptextiles and I can see your finished advent calendar.

Finally - if you spot a mistake, or something is not clear, I'd like to put it right, please email / leave a comment.

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